Planet Eclipse ETek-5 Review

By paintballninja / September 21, 2016
Planet Eclipse ETek-5 Review

Are you an enthusiast of Planet Eclipse line of paintball markers? Then, with the release of Planet Eclipse Etek 5, you have a reason to smile. After the long wait, this incredible middle-level electro-pneumatic paintball gun is available on the market. Its excellent construction makes it outstanding from the many prior models by Planet Eclipse and other brands.

From a long distance, you might confuse it with the re-known Ego LV1. However, after using the Etek 5, you will notice a significant gap between them. It’s the exact definition of a pro marker.

Planet Eclipse ETek-5 Review

What Makes The Etek-5 Paintball Gun Exclusive?

Paintball enthusiasts hate loud guns. Looking at the recent past as an example, you will notice that the Empire Axe and the Etek were two competing markers in the mid-level markets. If you were in need of an incredible paintball gun at a pocket-friendly price, the Etek or the Axe would have been ideal options. However, with continuous sales and use by various experts, the Axe began to rise high up above the Etek. The reason was all because of some cited drawbacks in the Etek marker; it was loud and harsh on paintballs.

Fortunately, the Etek 5 is here to blow up the boundaries marked by the Empire Axe. It’s here to bring the Eclipse’s brand name back to life and that notwithstanding, to greater heights on the market. It comes with the power to handle and accommodate fragile paintballs. It is reliable, quiet and most importantly, comes in at an affordable price tag that wins the attention of many.

Planet Eclipse ETEK5 Paintball Marker

The Etek 5 is Now Gentler on Fragile Paintballs

Prior Etek’s could only work with high-quality, tournament paintballs. This was because of their high bolt acceleration, which would crush weak paintballs. However, the Etek 5 is different. It comes with LV1’s Zick 3 kit. A well-configured bolt acceleration ;with this advancement, the bolt no longer fires at full speed, which was the primary cause of paintball crushing. Instead, it’s set to accelerate gradually, thus much softer and is friendly to the paintballs.

Also, the Cure 5 bolt, fitted in the Etek 5, comes with a soft surface bolt sourced from LV1. This soft condition of the bolt plays a significant role in making the marker gentler on paintballs.

In addition to the bolt and rammer enhancements, the Etek 5 features a larger valve chamber than the prior Eteks. Its valve chamber allows functioning on reduced operation pressure that measures about 150 PSI as compared to that of the Etek’s 4 of about 185 PSI.

It Brings You Calm Gaming

Unlike the prior Eteks that were noisy, the Etek 5 brings you quiet operations that will boost your performance. It also aims at making your paintball gaming more enjoyable. It comes with an increased valve chamber volume. With more air accommodation in its valve, Eclipse has been able to cut down the operational pressure of this marker significantly, thus facilitating quieter shots.

Planet Eclipse ETEK5 Paintball Marker

The reduced pressure marks a significant improvement in the Eclipse’s line of markers. However, the Etek 5 is still louder as compared to other guns in its price range. You will notice that the Reflex and Axe are a little quieter than the Etek 5.

More Efficiency

The effectiveness and efficiency of the Etek 5 are also worth the praise. Its chamber construction allows it to utilize plenty of air but insignificant pressure when firing a paintball. It’s, therefore, more efficient than its predecessors. With just a 68/4500-air tank, you can make more than 1500 shots. Isn’t that amazing?

Longer Barrel = Better Shooting + Accuracy

Experienced paintball enthusiasts understand the power of long guns in enhancing the shooting accuracy. The Etek 5 is a long gun that provides a stable aiming, shooting, and snapshot. With this marker, gunning and running in the fields comes easily and naturally.


  • Rubberized grips
  • Warranty for any natural defects
  • More efficient than other markers at its price range
  • Less bouncy trigger for smooth operation
  • No stubborn LPR on its front
  • Affordable and reliable


  • Limited color options
  • No gloss
  • Vast and composite frame with a large seam in its middle- Reduces the comfort of the user.

Wrapping It Up

The Etek 5 is a marker that has solved the three principal problems of many Planet Eclipse markers: ergonomic construction, quiet, and ability to work with fragile paintballs. Just like the other markers in the planet eclipse line, the Etek 5 is reliable and affordable.

It has helped Planet Eclipse pave their way to the top of the market. All the adverse issues in Etek 4 have been addressed in the Etek 5. If you are planning to upgrade from the use of a beginner to a professional super gun, then this could be an ideal option. Axe will be finding it difficult to face out this incredible paintball marker. Try it today at any local field and see the difference!

Best Empire Paintball Guns (Top 3 Review)

By paintballninja / September 15, 2016
Best Empire Paintball Guns

Thriving at the professional level in the paintball planet demands elite level accessories. Clinching the top heights in paintball will never come easy. You will need to be tactical, and this can happen a lot easier with a gun that is ready to rock. Empire is a company dedicated to providing you with professional level markers and we wanted to dive into some of their best guns.

With an Empire paintball gun, you are sure to love the feel of it. Their marker models target beginners, intermediates, and advanced level paintball players. Empire Paintball is the top brand in elite level paintball markers followed closely by Tippmann. Their guns come with the best build quality, accuracy, and reliability to suit extreme paintball matches. The confidence that comes from walking into the field with high-end gear will play a major role in your victory.

You will find a variety of Empire paintball markers with varying price tags. As a rule of thumb, usually the best paintball guns are a bit higher priced. If you are planning to get a top notch Empire gun, it is recommended to be fully committed to the game and plan to play for years to come.

Best Empire Paintball Guns

Empire BT-4


  • Modular Trigger Mechanism
  • Sturdy Bottom line-Stainless steel
  • Pro Level exterior speed adjuster
  • Detachable grip frame- easy and quick maintenance or upgrades
  • Functions with regular compressed air or CO2
  • Accommodates extension chambers—horizontal and vertical bottle adapters
Empire Paintball BT-4

If you are just getting started and are searching for an entry-level paintball gun, then the Empire BT-4 combat gun might be for you. It’s a compact and robust woodsball powerhouse with high end performance on the field at at a decent price. I would say it exceeds the expectations of gun at this price point. Its clamshell construction comes from durable aluminum, a material that plays a significant role in its excellent performance. Also, it features a convenient blowback system.

Maintaining the BT-4 Combat is as easy as ABC as it requires minimal cleaning and tuning of its components. Its smooth operation is among some factors that make it ideal for paintball newbies. Also, its feed neck system is worth the praise. It slides quickly and effortlessly to give you a chance to run a draw through the squeegee from the breech to rapidly clean chipped paint from its barrel. What is more interesting about the BT-4 combat gun is that its compatibility with a broad variety of performance and tactical upgrades, thus extremely customizable.

Empire Axe


  • Flip lever on/off regulator
  • Tool-free bolts detachment system
  • Extended grip frame + ergonomic front trigger grip
  • Lightweight barrel-Aluminum
  • Magnetic bearing trigger
  • Slipstream solenoid
Empire Paintball Axe

The Empire Axe is made to help you cut through the crowd at a professional level. You can feel confident bringing it into the field, it could be the first step to victory. It’s bigger and tougher than the Inver Mini, its immediate predecessor. Comparing the Invert Mini and the Empire Axe, you will notice significant upgrades. Among them is the introduction of an on/off regulator. Its absence in the Invert Mini is a big off-put. The Empire Axe now brings you an easy to operate flip-lever on/off regulator.

Also, the Empire Axe comes with a tool-free joint/bolt unlock system making it rank among the easiest guns to disassemble or assemble. Only a simple twist and draw is necessary to access the bolts for simple maintenance or upgrade.

The Empire Axe features an exclusive grip frame style that provides ample room for handling, thus will provide maximum comfort regardless of your hand size. You won’t experience the pain that comes with your fingers hitting the trigger guard as a result of small operating room as seen on other markers.

Taking a closer look at the trigger on this marker, you will notice its excellent design. It comes with a smooth, elegant bearing that provides an easy and exciting trigger pull.

The Empire BT TM-15


  • Ultra strong but lightweight, high-performance Magnesium body
  • Bolt eject Back design for effortless maintenance and cleaning
  • 4-position firing modes-Shift-on-the-fly
  • Multi-firing modes-PSP, SEMI, MILLENNIUM, NXL
  • Insignificant sound signature
  • Flip-up rear and front sights
Empire Paintball BT TM-15LE

The Empire BT TM-15 is among the coolest paintball markers on the market. It’s a paintball gun that means nothing but business. It’s the best choice for the mil-sim or woodsball paintball enthusiasts. It comes with a sturdy but lightweight body suited for all-day action. It features an excellently developed electro-pneumatic operational mechanism and a quiet shooting signature for comfortable, accurate and stealth firing. You are also spoiled for choice regarding the rattling modes.

The Empire BT TM-15 comes with a multi Picatinny rails to provide you with endless accessory options. Its internal airline system is there to eliminate external hoses. Shots with this gun are always on point thanks to its rear and front sights.

To Wrap-Up

From the reviewed paintball markers, it’s clear that the Empire brand is a brand built to last. The quality of their guns speaks volumes about their highest priority: customer satisfaction. With an Empire paintball gun, your excellence on the field is guaranteed. Plan your budget and get one gun from the top three best Empire paintball guns depending on your level of expertise. Begin to crush your opponents with confidence and pave your way to greatness in the paintball arena.

5 Cheap Paintball Masks: A Value Based Review

By paintballninja / September 10, 2016
Cheap Paintball Masks

Are you a little confused about what paintball mask to purchase, or even what mask is the best bang for your buck? There are a ton of brands and models on the market which can be a double-edged sword. While you have variety to choose from, picking the best is tricky.

This is why we compiled a list of the best cheap paintball masks on the market. This list will dive into the best value you can find in terms of masks. Keep in mind, you get what you pay for. If you have the budget, check out our review on the best paintball masks… period.

While many argue that the best products are highly priced, sometimes this doesn’t hold to be true. For example, when talking about paintball guns, there are fairly priced brands that will serve you well. In fact, there are a few reasonably priced guns that will match some of the highly priced options.

Owning and wearing the appropriate paintball gear to the field not only provides maximum personal safety, but it can increase your chance of winning as well. However, if you are just starting out, you will want to get something cheap so you can decide if the sport is right for you.

Hundreds of different paintball masks are now available on the market. Here, we concentrate on analyzing the best cheap paintball masks. Our primary aim is to enable any paintball enthusiast, surviving on a strict budget find a high-quality and inexpensive paintball mask.

Read on to get a clear insight of what the top five best paintball masks have to offer. Our selection criterion bases its argument on construction quality, durability, comfort and most importantly, price.

Gen-X Global XVSN Paintball Mask

When it comes to comfort, Gen-X Global paintball mask could be your best choice. Despite its pocket-friendly price this mask brings you incredible features that you may not find elsewhere.

With it on your head, you are sure to enjoy your adventure with minimal safety risks. Many appreciate its compact, lightweight design. Having it on your head all day is no big deal. Again, its compact nature guarantees its durability to serve you for many years.

Gen-X Global XVSN Paintball Mask

The fact that its lens is anti-fog and anti-scratch is an assurance of better performance on the field. You will always have a clear vision to see your opponents in time. The lens is of decent quality and will keep your eyes and face safe.

This lens is easy to eject, clean or replace when necessary. Its visor plays a significant role in reducing any blinding glare occurring in the fields. Cleaning this mask is easy, as it doesn’t get dirty easily.

However, you will find its top visor tough to put on for the first few days of use. This should go away with regular utilization. Also, this mask does not offer enough protection to the back of your head, which could be a bit painful.

Tippmann Valor Paintball Goggle Mask

Are you on the lookout for a blast of outstanding paintball gaming excellence? Then this paintball mask by the well known Tippmann manufacturers could be a wise selection. It’s their latest model that brings you extreme comfort and visibility at an unbeatable price. It features a spherical anti-fog lens that boosts your peripheral vision by eliminating excessive glare. This lens also prevents the formation of fog, which is known to be a bother on the field.

Tippmann Valor Paintball Goggle Mask

Also, this mask comes with a quick-release lens mechanism that facilitates effortless interchangeability and proper fit. The quick release feature also makes this cover fast and straightforward to operate. You will be prepared for any occurrence on the field. This paintball mask brings you extended jaw, chin, and ear protection thus maximum safety as you enjoy your sport.

Its visor is entirely transparent and sturdy as to always shield your face. The silicone goggle strap on this mask is sturdy and adjustable. This ensures a perfect fit by preventing slippage. It will always stay intact on your head even under dynamic and harsh gaming conditions.

There isn’t much to say about the dark side of this paintball mask. However, some customers complain that sometimes the lens fogs up hindering your visibility.

GXG Paintball Stealth Predator Skull Mask

Paintball enthusiasts looking for a cheap mask without neglecting their performance in the fields will find this mask appealing. It comes with incredible features at an affordable price which makes it rank among the top choices. The protection offered by this paintball mask can’t be traced elsewhere at the same cost.

GXG Paintball Stealth Predator Skull MaskGXG Paintball Stealth Predator Skull Mask

It protects all the vital areas of your face and head. Its exterior part comes from a lightweight, but sturdy material-hard plastic, that withstands high impacts. The inside of the mask is well padded with shock absorbing cushioning. This means that you will always be safe with this mask on your head.

To cope with perspiration, the lens of this mask is anti-fog. It maintains high visibility even during vigorous gaming. The anti-fog feature makes it a strong contender against many models on the market today.

The head straps on this mask are there to provide a perfect fit on your head. You will also appreciate its quick-release lens mechanism that allows easy replacement or cleaning of the glass lens after a gaming session. The airsoft design on this product provides you with maximum comfort as you play.

However, this mask is specially developed for newbies, and it’s not ideal for experienced and fully established players.

Empire Paintball Helix Thermal Lens Mask

This high-value but affordable paintball mask by Empire is here to facilitate your rise to greater professional levels while providing you with maximum comfort and safety. It guards your eyes, face and entire head from paintball injuries. It’s officially certified and approved to be safe for utilization. Its features are incredible and will serve you best in the field.

Empire Paintball Helix Thermal Lens Mask

The thermal lenses on this mask bring about a clear view and support your natural vision. They also enhance your peripheral view for the best performance. The dual pane on these lenses is there to eliminate any fogging brought about by perspiration. You are free to engage in vigorous gaming, as your vision will not be limited.

The double density foam on this mask is comfortable, durable and offers an excellent fit on your head. It allows you to spend as much time on the paintball field as you want as you will always be comfortable and safe while wearing this mask. The plastic visor and lens clip are there to allow you play regardless of the weather condition. The visor eliminates the sun's glare for better and comfortable vision. It also supports optical clarity.

The only drawback on this paintball mask is that it’s not fog proof but rather fog resistant.

Empire Paintball X-Ray Single Lens Goggle

This paintball mask blends incredible advantages like good visibility, superior protection and anti-fog capability to bring you a unique performance. It originates from a sturdy plastic material, which adds on to its quality and durability.

When compared to other models within its price range, this mask has longer and better endurance to extreme paintball gaming. Paintball diehards will be glad to use this mask in high moisture or humidity areas as it features positive ventilation and enhanced anti-fog properties. Its enthusiasts continue to appreciate its quality adjustable straps that hold it tightly in one’s head without neglecting his/her comfort.

Empire Paintball X-Ray Single Lens Goggle

Without the faceplate that comes with this mask, many players would face physical injuries from bb pellets and paintball shots, which come at dangerous velocities. That’s why the developers of this mask have incorporated a robust faceplate made with a reliable impact resistance capability. Therefore, with the use of this mask, you will always be safe from any possible accidents.

Despite all it incredible features, some users of this paintball mask complain about its size and weight which are relatively unsuitable for young paintball enthusiasts.


Engaging in paintball should be a safe activity as well as really exciting. Your safety in the gaming fields should improve with the use of protective gear. With the introduction of these high-quality cheap paintball masks, you will have no one to blame in the case of an accident and injuries.  

Dye Proto Rail Review (An In Depth Look)

By paintballninja / September 6, 2016
Dye Proto Rail Review

The Dye Proto Rail is a robust marker designed to suit newbies and intermediates in the world of paintball. Though it might not meet the expectations of the veteran paintballers who engage in high-level tournaments, casual players and newbies will love it.

You don’t have to break the bank, as this marker is fairly priced. Among its noticeable and outstanding components is the aesthetics. The aggressive lines and curves, as well as the excellent finish of this paintball gun, give it a classic look. The materials used to construct this gun are of high quality; a guarantee of durability and high performance.

What Features Make This Paintball Gun Exclusive?

Hardened Aluminum Body

Its entire body frame comes from high-grade aluminum. The material is known for its strength and corrosion resistance. You can be sure about the durability of this marker. The manufacturer understands that Paintball is an extreme sport, so they bring you this gun ready for a beating. It comfortably handles your gaming without depreciating. Also, its ergonomic frame is lightweight making it comfortable and easy to handle.

Dye Proto Rail Paintball Gun

O-rings with Color Codes

Maintaining this marker is not a bone of contention. Its O-rings come with color codes for easy maintenance operation and replacement. You don’t need an expert to get the job done as the transparent colors guide you through the whole step.

Various Operational Modes and Auto-Fire

This gun’s versatility is incredible. It features four distinct shooting modes to suit different gaming needs. Many paintballers also appreciate its auto-fire feature which is a strong plus for performance.

Hyper-3-inline Regulator

The hyper regulator that comes with this gun improves its performance. It boosts the reaction of this gun thus facilitating a faster shooting speed and minimized impact after a shot.

Exclusive Dye-Eye Piping

With the exclusive dye-eye pipe on this gun, it stays free from dirt and debris at all times. This feature maintains the marker and thus keeps it as new as possible throughout its many years of service. Also, the variable feed neck on this paintball gun facilitates easy cleaning as it adjusts effortlessly.

Dye Proto Rail Review

Pros and Cons of the Dye Proto Rail



The durability of the Dye Proto Rail Marker is worth the praise. Its body comes from sturdy aluminum, a material known for its strength. No other composite material features in the manufacture of its body. You are free to use it in extreme weather and harsh gaming conditions. The solid outer section shields its internal constituents from any harm as you boost your expertise in the field.

More Efficiency

The forward technology utilized in this marker increases its effectiveness and efficiency. Its cycle-speed is super-fast thanks to its 40-millisecond solenoid revolver. The air efficiency is worth the praise as well, as it operates at only 155 PSI. You don’t have to carry large air tanks to the field. However, when compared to other competitive brands, its air efficiency can leave a bit to be desired.


Proto, as it’s commonly called, weighs only 1.63 pounds. It ranks among the lightest paintball guns on the market so far. It’s, therefore easy to handle and operate. You can carry it in your arms through long distances and for a long time.


The price of the Dye Proto is surprising. Based on its quality, you would expect it to come with a high price tag. However, this marker is inexpensive. It suits the average person and those surviving on tight budgets.


Experienced paintballers will find some of the features in this gun lacking what they need. It’s for this reason that it’s limited to the beginners and intermediates. Some of the features that need improvement include:

  • Air usage
  • Feedneck design
  • Inaccurate stock barrel

How accurate is the Dye Proto Rail Paintball Gun?

As mentioned, this marker comes with a hyper-3-regulator a feature that elevates its performance high above that of other guns within its price. At its price, its operation at 155 PSI is more than enough. You can make up to 18 shots per second with utmost accuracy using this marker. Its four shooting modes allow you to select the ideal setting for tackling different opponents or field condition. The kick back, felt after a shot, is insignificant so you will always be comfortable to make accurate shots.

Maintenance of the Dye Proto Rail Marker

Upon purchase, the package comes with lube, full-color manual, Allen-wrenches, barren bag, a warranty card and the gun itself. When you start using it, it should serve you in shooting more than 0.5 million paintballs. Additional, its 9-volt battery provides you with a bonus of about 40000 shots. With regular tuning and cleaning, you will be glad to see the many years that this marker will serve you. As mentioned earlier, the O-rings on this gun are color coded to facilitate a safe and smooth maintenance process.

Wrapping It Up

Any paintball starter will find the Dye Proto Rail Paintball Marker incredible. It comes with unbeatable quality and price. A beginner will also find it easy to maneuver and operate thanks to its lightweight nature. Its durability is a guarantee of excellent service for many years.

Most Accurate Paintball Guns (Including Dye Proto Rail)

By paintballninja / August 9, 2016
Most Accurate Paintball Guns

It goes without saying that accuracy on the paintball fields increases your chances of winning the match. An accurate paintball gun creates a vital bridge between you and your opponents. It increases your chances of nailing each opponent with each shot you take. 

Regardless of whether you are a veteran or a beginner on the paintball field, getting the most accurate paintball gun would be a good idea. This is why I wanted to do a review on the best markers that are the most accurate on the market.

Our primary aim, pun intended, is to help you get the highest quality and most accurate marker for excellent performance on the field.

Accurate Paintball Guns​

Empire Paintball Sniper Pump Marker

The Sniper is a pump marker that features an excellent barrel threading, minimal pressure operation, a 10-round vertical paint feed system and most importantly, an auto trigger designed to release quick and accurate shots.

It features a strong pump made from double stainless steel, which is a plus for stability and durability. Also, its pump aid plate is detachable while its inline regulator comes with a swivel adapter.

Empire Paintball Sniper Pump Marker

The Accurate Shot

To achieve excellent and accurate shots with this marker, you only need a hopper, paint balls, and a mini-size air bottle. It weighs only 2 pounds thus lightweight for easy handling. Also, it comes with remarkable balance. Its bottle adapter is accessed by a lever sending air between the marker’s regulator and the air cylinder. Its lever’s clamping supply neck makes sure the hopper is stable and in place.

Its internal components move smoothly and operate as expected due to the stability of the double stainless steel rods on its air pump. Its return spring design, which is light and easy to handle, allows a shooter to focus on the target and shoot sequentially effortlessly.

All these features and designs make this marker exceptional regarding accuracy and performance on the field.

Dye Proto Rail Paintball Gun

If you are a newbie or someone who has not yet reached expert status but you are looking for a high accuracy marker, then the Dye Proto Rail Gun is for you.

It comes at a pocket-friendly price, so you don’t need to break the bank in the quest to boost your performance. This marker, commonly known as Proto, comes with high-quality features that facilitate its excellent performance. It’s straightforward and perfect in many ways.

Dye Proto Rail Paintball Gun

The Accurate Shot

Like their prior models, this gun comes with the hyper-three –regulator, which gives it a bump in performance compared to other guns in its price range. One thing I respect is its air efficiency as it operates at only 155 PSI. It rattles off up to 18 balls in a second with utmost accuracy.

Its auto-fire option and four distinct tournament modes are a plus to its performance and stability. Its ample finger spray space comes in to allow easy handling of this marker while shooting for optimum accuracy.

Its only drawback is that it utilizes excessive gas so you will need a larger gas tank for the best utilization.

Empire Paintball Axe Marker

With its price tag, you would expect a low-quality marker that’s not even fit for a paintball newbie. However, The Empire Paintball Axe Marker marks a new revolution of affordable and high-performance markers.

With its hybrid poppet bolt that provides high efficiency and smooth cycling, unbeatable accuracy in shooting and accessibility to its internal components, it’s clear that the Axe is just what you have been missing.

Empire Paintball Axe Marker

The Accurate Shot

The shooting accuracy of this marker is priceless. It fires effortlessly and accurately. It rattles off smoothly and with no delays thus increasing your chances of hitting a mobile target. Its operational pressure is extremely low. This gun comes with an anti-chop design that makes it gentle on fragile paint.

Its superior trigger and ease of operation allows shooters to rattle off shots consistently and at a high speed without any interruption and pauses. Shooting with this marker is easy and accurate thanks to its ample space between the trigger guard and the fore grip. That said, it’s clear that the Empire Axe aims at giving you the best accuracy and thus victory in the paintball fields.

Tippmann X7 Phenom Marker

When you think of victory and accuracy in the paintball field, think of the Tippmann X7 Phenom. This marker features FlexValve Technology, which brings in a 300-PSI operation for enhanced air efficiency. Just think of a gun that allows you to make 1400 shots right from a 4500 LPS tank. Incredible! Right?

Tippmann X7 Phenom Marker

In the electro—pneumatic class of markers, it boasts being the first to feature a combination of high-end marker niceties. Among these highly coveted features is electronic and manual firing modes, excellent air efficiency, an ability to operate on CO2 or regular air, and most importantly, unbeatable accuracy. If you are on the look-out for a high-grade tournament paintball gun, then this is a total package for you.

The accurate shot:

The stubborn recoil in other markers is done away with in the Tippmann x7 through the Spool Valve addition. You will love shooting with this marker as there is minimal kickback from firing.  In addition to its unbeatable accuracy, this marker is incredibly quiet in order to conceal your hide out from your opponents. This is something your team would probably appreciate as I absolutely hate a guy who comes into my space with a super loud gun

Its cyclone feed mechanism is there to provide you with a shooting range of up to 150 feet and a rate of 20 BPS. Its trigger is accurate, as it offers no shot exception upon every press. Its three-point selector allows you to pick your firing setting from the five mode options available.

In short, every rattle with the x7 phenom is always accurate and rarely misses the target.

Tippmann 98 Custom Platinum Series Paintball Gun

Among the modern Model 98 paintball guns, the Tippmann 98 custom stands out. It inherits the superior qualities of their previous models but is upgraded to say the least. It comes with better functionality.

Newbies will love using this marker as it’s easy to operate and requires minimal cleaning. Even the experienced gamers will appreciate its sturdiness and compatibility with a broad range of upgrades.

Tippmann 98 Custom Platinum Series Paintball Gun

The Accurate Shot

Focusing on its shooting capability, it delivers exceedingly well. It comes with the right trigger size, and its shots are always accurate for the most part. It releases over eight accurate shots/second, a rate that’s pretty incredible. Its lightweight nature is a plus to the accuracy of the shots. It utilizes insignificant air allowing the air source to last long.

Among its trade-offs is that it has more recoil than expected. This can affect the accuracy of successive shots. Also, it has a short stock barrel of only 8 inches.

This is a marker that has been used in the main tournaments. It has accelerated re-known shooters to success so you can trust its shots.

Wrapping It Up

Accuracy is the infinite source of victory and excellent performance in paintball shooting. Without the best gun, you are bound to fail terribly. The discussed markers above bring you utmost accuracy. Take your time to compare them and finally, go for the model that suits your needs and budget best. Good luck!

The Best Paintball Guns | 16 Guns of 2017

By paintballninja / July 15, 2016
Best Paintball Guns

Selecting a suitable paintball gun can be a difficult task, especially for any new ballers out there. This is understandable given the overwhelming quantity of options available for any particular type of paintball gun. It doesn’t help that all of them claim to be the best either. If you are limited by your budget and are looking for the most value out of your investment you will want to be sure you are able to find the best paintball gun you can find! 

Not to worry, though. With this review, we are going to discuss the best paintball guns of 2016 and hope to make process of selecting a suitable gun much clearer and easier. We have researched extensively in the market and hand-picked the below guns. (PS if you are a beginner, it may be good to take a look at our review of the best paintball guns for beginners, here!)

Best Paintball Guns

Planet Eclipse Etha Paintball Marker

The Planet Eclipse Etha is a premium paintball gun. It is, to some degree, like the Planet Eclipse Geo marker, yet its configuration and abilities are one of a kind. In the event that you've seen or utilized Planet Eclipse's E-tek marker, you'll see that the Etha is genuinely comparable. Let’s take a look at the product details:

  • The gun has a simple design and due to the integration of a spring mechanism it boasts an automatic bolt back feature. It has an ergonomic layout and a durable plastic + aluminum exterior.
  • The marker has a flexible SL3 regulator, which will function properly irrespective of the tank pressure.
  • The two-piece barrel is able to fire in a variety of modes such as PSP and semi. The fire has minimum kickback and the gun fires accurately and efficiently, even if you fire multiple shots quickly.
  • The gun is lightweight (2 lbs.) and 14.5 inches long.
  • Upgrades include a new feed neck, barrel, ASA and trigger. LED/OLED lights can also be installed.
  • Product requires minimum maintenance. Basic lubing and swabbing will keep the gun in top notch condition.
  • The gun is lightweight (2 lbs.) and 14.5 inches long.
  • Concern: The trigger has a spring instead of magnets, which has faced criticism by ballers used to the latter system.

Planet Eclipse it a top brand and it is no surprise that the Eclipse Etha is one of its brilliant products, for ballers of all levels.

Spyder MR100 PRO Semi-Auto Paintball Marker

Spyder is a renowned military styled paintball marker producer and with the MR100 it continues its tradition of having a quality product at a reasonable price.

While it is not a great choice for professionals, essentially in light of the fact that there are better options, it is adequate as a first pick for amateurs trying a military marker.

  • MR100 has an excellent anodized aluminum body, integrated with a patent pending EKO valve system.
  • It can fire efficiently, with up to 1500 shots using one twenty ounce CO2 tank. Velocity can easily be varied due to the adjuster at the back which can come in handy if you need to pump out some heavy CO2.
  • It comes with an adjustable stock. Moreover, the picatinny rail mount mechanism allows you to upgrade and personalize your marker.
  • The feed neck can be clamped and it easily attaches to the hopper.
  • The marker requires low and basic maintenance.
  • It is made from robust polymer.
  • Concern: It uses a blowback mechanism which is not durable due to the regular breakage of solenoids.
  • Concern: The stock barrel is not very accurate and may require replacement. However, there are many after market barrels available.

JT ER2 Pump Pistol RTS Kit

The ER2 is a great product for beginner ballers and has a very low price tag, making it a sensible and respectable choice.

The gun is a great choice for first timers and also makes up as a good back up / target practice option. It is a cheap gun and shoots like a cheap gun. But it is for sure a fun gun to shoot.

  • The ER2 comes with a very convenient pumping handle. The pumping action is easy and does not waste a lot of time. The CO2 in the cartridge is sufficient for a round of about 30 paint balls, before all the pressure is lost.
  • The gun can shoot as far as 25 yards, with precision. Loading tubes can be cumbersome and may require some patience.
  • There is an anti-chop mechanism, which allows users to shoot seamlessly.
  • Other mechanisms include a ball stop, an anti double pump, safety locks, etc.
  • The box includes a marker, paintball pods, balls and air which is a great package for the price point.
  • Concern: Users reported that the gun is slow to fire and loses air quickly, especially as it gets older.
  • Concern: Durability is a doubt with this model.

Azodin Blitz 3 Paintball Gun

The Blitz 3 is the upgrade to the Blitz series by Azodin and is probably their best model yet.

Overall, with its moderate price tag and efficiently performing features, the Blitz 3 is a great option to get the most value from your investment, especially for beginners and intermediate level ballers.

  • The gun has a streamline body and comes in five different colors to pick from.
  • It is very lightweight and easy to carry during battles.
  • It is super durable. In fact, the gun can endure multiple falls without any notable damage.
  • The marker is precise and better than any Blitz model before it. The trigger is very sensitive and the gun can shoot rapidly.
  • It comes with an integrated feather regulator and screw-lock feed neck. This allows it to be involved in aggressive balling.
  • The gun is both CO2 and HPA compatible.
  • Concern: There may be shipping issues depending on your state. You should double check with the company regarding the policy for your respective state.
  • Concern: There are reported issues over the performance of the trigger adjustment screws.

Tippmann TPX Paintball Pistol Starter Kit

Tippmann is a champion in the group of paintball marker manufacturers. The TPX Pistol is a deluxe model, great for all levels of ballers to be a solo marker or a backup option while on the field.

Despite the high price, the product has a very high standard and is complemented with a two year warranty by the company, which makes it a great pick.

  • The TPX has been designed to model military types of guns and features a metallic frame, which gives it a very real weapon like feeling.
  • The body is light weight and compact in nature, making it very useful as an extra carry-on gun.
  • There is an under barrel Picatinny rail, which lets you attach add-ons and upgrades.
  • CO2 is easy to load and a clear ammo case shows when you need reloading. The CO2 is easily punctured by the super-sensitive trigger.
  • The firing is quick and the marker is very accurate. There are three 7 ball magazines included in the package and in general, the magazine can be changed pretty quickly.
  • The gun uses an efficient spool system, which maintains the air in the system and controls ventilation for added reliability.
  • Concern: The holster has been reported to be of a lower quality compared to the gun and the magazine. It falls apart rather easily, especially as the gun gets older.

Azodin Kaos Semi-Auto Paintball Marker Gun

Azodin has a respectable position in the paintball gun market. Its Kaos Semi Auto comes at a moderate price range and has generally fared well amongst players.

Overall, the Kaos is a good product for the intermediate ballers and is a solid investment before indulging in premium models.

  • The gun comes with several top technologies usually found in elite models which is great for a mid level gun.
  • It has a majorly aluminum based body, which makes the gun lightweight and easy to maneuver. The body is generally very robust and available in gold / silver colors.
  • It is compatible with both CO2 and HPA.
  • The regulator works efficiently and allows operation even during low pressure.
  • The plastic composite bolt is adjustable, allowing the velocity to be varied.
  • The double trigger is sturdy and sensitive, with a low recoil upon firing. The feed neck can be clamped and can hold the load of the balls and hopper without any issues.
  • Concern: The gun can be slightly noisier compared to similar alternatives.
  • Concern: The feed neck may not connect properly with all types of hoppers.

Tippmann Gryphon Paintball Marker Gun

Given Tippmann’s solid reputation, it is no surprise that the Gryphon marker is a successful product in the entry level market.

All in all, with the Tippmann Gryphon, there is no requirement for an amateur or intermediate player to purchase a costly weapon to have a quality paintballing experience.

  • The Gryphon is an aesthetically pleasing gun, with a simple carbon fiber body. It is light weight and has no distracting gimmicks. Pretty straight forward gun.
  • The trigger is dual fingered and can be readily pressed to shoot up to eight balls per second. The kickback may be noticeable for any beginner ballers.
  • The gun can handle different paintballs without breaking and will shoot them all at a generally consistent speed, however it may fluctuate during rapid firing.
  • The gun is very durable and needs little maintenance. Basic oiling and swiping the exterior is all you need to do.
  • The gun is compatible with barrel upgrades and mods, which can improve its accuracy as well as personalize its design.
  • Concern: Lack of solenoid means that gun will fire slowly.
  • Concern: There is no possibility of internal modifications since the disassembly is very complicated, even for professional ballers.

Dye Proto Rail Paintball Gun

The Dye Proto Rail is aesthetically appealing with its sharp lines and smooth curves which isn’t what you will usually find in this price range. The sleek look comes with quality and durability and is packed with features.

The Proto Rail is excellent for beginners to intermediate paintballers. While not the best for pros, casual players or newbies will definitely enjoy using this.

  • The body is composed of high quality durable Aluminum. The hourglass Ultralite Ergonomic Frame gives the user comfort and total control over the gun.
  • Special Color Coded O-rings make for quick identification and easy maintenance of the marker.
  • The Patent Pending Eye Pipe ensures problem-free performance by preventing dirt, debris and chipped paint from accumulating. Additionally, it banishes the need for external eye plates and chances of striped mounting screws.
  • The Eye Pipe System eradicates any double feeding and miss feeds that could occur.
  • The greatly improved design of the Hyper3TM in-line regulator is diminutive, sleeker and more consistent for faster reactions.
  • The small size accommodates Sticky Grips composed of soft rubber.
  • There are multiple Firing Modes
  • The box comes with extra accessories including a dye slick lubricant, a 9V alkaline battery and a spare set of Allen keys.
  • Concern: Not the best for air usage

US Army Project Salvo Paintball Marker Gun 3Skull Close Quarters Set

Tippman, the parent company that produces US Army Paintball Markers, is recognized worldwide for their military stylized products, including paintball markers. Currently, their US Army paintball markers line is the most famous on the market for military replicas. One of the top products from this range is the US Army Project Salvo Paintball Marker Gun 3Skull Close Quarters Set.

  • This paintball gun features an 11-inch high performing ported Quick Thread barrel with 98 threads.
  • AR style foldable and collapsible stock.
  • Comes with a red laser light sight for precision.
  • The vertical fore grip on this item gives a steady and stable platform for shooting.
  • You can add any accessory that you want on the rails and the magazine doubles up as a storage area for tools.
  • It is compatible with the Cyclone Feed Upgrade Kit and the Alpha Black Egrip Kit.
  • For a very small price, you can buy the Mega Kit that comes with a lot of tools and accessories.

Fans of Call of Duty and Military weapons will love the US Army Salvo Marker, which looks and performs almost like a real military gun. To fully equip yourself to beat the competition, opt for the US Army Project Salvo Paintball Marker 3Skull Mega Set.

Planet Eclipse ETEK5 Paintball Marker/Gun

Currently in its 5th generation, the Planet Eclipse ETEK-5 range remains firm with its principles of reliability and durability. The finest materials are utilized to create a product that will give a fantastic performance and a variety of features that will justify its above average price.

The ETEK 5 is another successful product by Planet Eclipse which it owes to the unique combination of advanced and durable components.

  • Whether you are running or trying to snap shoot, the ETEK5 aims precisely and naturally.
  • The inner workings of the gun now come with 2-stage acceleration which is done using Zick3 technology.
  • The bolt and the ball are provided a noticeable but gentle push or acceleration which gradually builds up in the 2nd stage, resulting in extremely fast speeds of shooting.
  • The overall weight is 2.2 pounds which includes the battery, the barrel and the Feed Tube.
  • Operates on significantly lower pressures as compared to the predecessor models. The soft-tip Cure5 bolt and the high-flow valve come together with the big valve chamber to give a LPR pressure output of 85PSI and an approximate 150 PSI of HPR pressure.
  • Performs remarkably silently and isn’t rough with the paint inside or outside the barrel.

JT US-50 Semi Auto 0.50-Calibre Paintball Marker

JT is a brand of products that caters to the category of advocates of the sport. Through their products, beginners can get into the sport and their specialty is improving shooting and aim accuracy skills.

The JT semi-automatic is far from perfect but for its inexpensive price tag, it’s a good investment for beginners.

  • 12g CO2 cartridge powers the gun. Requires no batteries due to being Semi-Automatic.
  • .50 caliber paintballs are compatible with it.
  • Comes with 30 paintballs and 1 prefilled cartridge.
  • A barrel plug and cleaning stick are also included.
  • Safe and environment-friendly ammo.
  • Concern: Shipping has a lot of problems, with the product usually arriving broken
  • Concern: The 5-6-pound trigger pull is straining for youngsters
  • Concern: The added black magazine located on top of the gun is supposed to work like a scope but instead blocks the view.

Azodin KP3 Kaos Pump 3 Paintball Marker

When it was first released, the Azodin KP3 Kaos Pump Paintball quickly became very popular and caused an uproar in the paintballing community. The reason being that the Azodin KP3 was packed with amazing features which are usually found on higher-end guns that cost triple the price of this gun.

  • The gun’s frame and body is built entirely of top-quality aluminum and makes use of a single trigger.
  • The dual ball will stop any motion until the trigger is released and the dual cocking rods give a smoother pump stroke.
  • The Rock Steady Regulator is supplied with Air through a macro line on/off ASA with minor resistance, giving ease of movement and increasing speeds.
  • The clamping feed neck is also composed of aluminum and comes with a bolt released via a pin-pull.
  • Hardly requires assemble. Ready to play straight out of the box.
  • Concern: Local Laws may lead to the cancellation of some of the orders in some states or overseas areas.

Improve your paintball skills and be the envy of your friends with the Azodin KP3 Kaos Pump Paintball which not only is stunning to look at but also will give features that are on par with top of the line paintball guns

Tippmann US Army Project Salvo Sniper Paintball Gun

The Project Salvo is a great choice for the beginner and intermediate ballers. It comes with a moderate price tag and a Tippmann warranty for product quality.

Tippmann’s Project Salvo sniper has received a generally positive feedback from the customers. There have not been any major issues reported on any internet forums, which is appreciable.

  • The gun comes unassembled in the box and for a beginner it might take time to assemble.
  • The design is good, with a durable plastic body and a comfortable grip.
  • It has an adjustable and foldable stock.
  • The marker shoots pretty well. The bullets may not hit accurately the first few times, as you load a new gas fill but after a few shots, the pressure stabilizes and allows for precise shooting. The shooting is not rapid, however the accuracy makes up for this drawback.
  • The gun comes with a long barrel. The bolt is retractable.
  • The trigger is sensitive and comes with a safety. The safety is locked in the box and should be switched off.
  • It is compatible with both CO2 and HPA. However, naturally the compressed air works better.
  • The magazine contains all the tools required to work with the gun.
  • Concern: The pressure is low and the marker will not perform in aggressive paintballing arenas.

Azodin ATS+ Paintball Gun

The ATS+ comes at a bargain price and is an ideal choice for intermediate level and expert level ballers. The details of this product will summarize why it makes for a great choice.

Since the product is new in the market, the customer feedback is still not available. However, with respect to Azodin and keeping in mind its previous product performances, the ATS+ looks like a positive option.

  • The gun is an upgraded version of the company’s ATS model.
  • It comes with a great design which aims to instill a realistic feel in the user. The weight is on the lower end at just 4 pounds. The marker length is twenty six inches upon full assembly.
  • ATS+ incorporates a three position collapsible stock and a dual position collapsible with 360° movable aluminum cover, which likewise has four polymer rails on every side of the cover to augment your customization.
  • ATS+ likewise accompanies a M16 vertical handle and all the standard components from the ATS.
  • Compatible with CO2 and compressed air.
  • The ATS+ comes in two colors: black and camo style.
  • It uses a blowback mechanism, which is bothersome for pro ballers but should not be an issue for the novices.
  • It requires minimum maintenance, much like the previous ATS model.

DLX Luxe ICE Paintball Marker

The DLX Luxe ICE is an elite paintball marker, with an exceptional firing capacity and top notch user experience.

It is no surprise that the marker is only for the best ballers and will immediately hand over the bragging rights to its owner. If you have the budget to accommodate it, there are no second thoughts about which marker to purchase.

  • The design is beautiful and makes an impression at first glance. It is sleek and streamlined.
  • The product comes with a redesigned bolt, which reduces pressure and allows the marker to work efficiently with brittle paint.
  • The marker can shoot at up to 1500 shots per fill. This has been helped by the improvement in air efficiency of up to 20%.
  • The operation is easy and smooth. This is complemented with multiple firing modes, a navigation system and quick access to the bolt and the valve.
  • Moreover, the regulator has been updated to make maintenance simple. There is minimum wear and tear and the seals / O-rings stay in top shape.
  • Concern: Perhaps the only concern about the gun is its expensive price tag.

    Tippmann Cronus Paintball Marker Gun Package

    As aforementioned, Tippmann is a great brand to choose from. Its Cronus marker is an option for the beginner ballers to get the most out of their initial investment and gain the experience required to make it as a pro baller.

    The Tippmann Cronus Tactical is anything but difficult to use for a newbie baller. If you are searching for a decent weapon that has a good accuracy alongside a pleasant look, you will be satisfied with this model.

    • The Cronus is a well-designed gun. It comes with molded rubber grips for comfort and convenience, while the low weight makes maneuvering easy. The body, made from plastic / metal parts, is durable and well balanced.
    • The Picatanny rails allow customization, with several add ons available to play with and personalize the weapon.
    • It is compatible with both CO2 and HPA. However, it gives optimum performance with Ninja HPA.
    • It is a semi-automatic gun, with good shooting range and precision.
    • Concern: The barrel has been reported to be shorter than what most ballers like.
    • Concern: The plastic body parts can be a turn off for some ballers.

    How To Select A Gun From The List:

    Now that we have wrapped up our list, let’s look at a few other details which will help you decide which paintball gun is the one for you and your game:

    1. Budget: Truth to be told, paintball is an expensive game. This does not mean that only the superrich can play it, however it does mean that the game requires investment and the level of investment determines the type and quality of paintball equipment you can get, including the gun. Now from the above list, you can estimate the vast difference in prices from the super cheap models, coming for under fifty bucks, to the super premium ones, coming in at over one thousand bucks. By estimating your budget you can shortlist the products and eliminate the more expensive markers.
    2. Experience and Game Type: There are different game types when it comes to paintball. Different markers will be better for different game styles. If you are going to play with your friends in the field and only occasionally be in the arena, then perhaps you require a simpler marker without any add-ons. However, if you are professional player and find yourself in a paintball fighting competition regularly, you may be better off with a top quality marker, with several features and special abilities, which are not found in a typical paintball gun.
      Moreover, a game of woodball may require a paintball marker with better accuracy with a lower rate of fire. However, the same is not true for a speedball game, which needs a gun that can fire rapidly.
    3. Style: Paintball players are keen on making a statement. One of the best ways to do this is by developing a certain style of play and adopt a particular look when going in to the battle. You should select a gun that would probably match with your kit and is comfortable to handle for you. Different people have different tastes and styles. So you should experiment with your options before deciding on purchasing one.
    4. Maintenance: While this is not a very solid reason to ignore a paintball gun or select one, it is a fact that paintball markers get messy after every game and need cleaning. If you think that you are not the kind to sit back after every game and do a proper cleaning job, you may look into products which have low maintenance requirements.

    These are the basic points which you should keep in mind while selecting a marker. Keep in mind that different ballers have different ways of picking a product and you should not select one solely because you saw a player using it. What may be good for another person’s style of play may not work efficiently with your style.

    Best Paintball Gun For The Money:

    The Azodin Blitz 3 Paintball Gun is a good choice as a budget marker, for the players with less experience. It is simple to operate and can surprise with its set of basic features, which work efficiently and deliver a solid performance.

    The Best of The Best:

    The DLX Luxe ICE is the ultimate paintball marker. While it comes with a very high price tag, the features and abilities it brings on board are unmatchable by other high end markers and almost nonexistent in ordinary markers.


    We have tried to list down the best available products at the time of writing. With more experience and time, you will be able to learn what type of paintball guns are meant for you and which ones are just a waste of time. Try to learn by playing more and more and keeping a watch at what the pros are doing. Remember to consider the purchase of a gun as an investment which, when used and maintained properly, can last a lifetime.

    The Best High End Paintball Masks | Honest Review

    By paintballninja / July 12, 2016
    The Best High End Paintball Masks

    When it comes to paintball masks there are a ton of options out there. They range from dirt cheap masks with terrible build characteristics to fairly expensive masks that are full of features. It is important to pick a mask that fits your face, and your budget. However, for the purpose of this article we will only be looking at the best high end masks available.

    These masks are top notch and also pretty expensive. If you are looking for cheap rental stuff or Walmart masks, be warned, these masks probably aren’t for you! However, if you have a decent budget and are serious about paintball, then keep reading as we hope to provide you with some info that will help you out on your gear conquest.

    High-End Paintball Masks

    What does a high-end mask offer that a cheaper model doesn’t? Well, there are a few features that definitely stand out. First, there is the comfort factor. With an expensive mask you get a face mask that will most likely be made out of comfortable materials. Thus providing a solid fit and ability to wear it all day.

    Paintball goggles that don’t fit well are not only a nuisance but can also be dangerous as you may be forced to make adjustments at inopportune times. Another situation that I have had happen with cheap rental masks is that they can fly off if you are aggressive in your game and are running around.

    A second factor is that high-end masks will usually come with is an anti-fog thermal lens. Your facemask can steam up pretty easily leaving you unable to view your target and the terrain. With cheap masks you will be fairly vulnerable to enemy fire.

    Third, a decent face mask will grant you a relatively wide field of vision. Most cheap masks offer narrow fields of view, and you’d barely see stuff on your periphery. Obviously, that would be a disadvantage as your enemy can sneak up on you.

    The Best High End Paintball Masks

    It’d be wise to spend some money on something that offers extreme reliability, exceptional performance, and enhanced durability. To facilitate this you need a high-end face mask.

    Below, we review the best high-end paintball masks. We’ve dug through many different models available, assessing and testing the value they’re offering in order to come up with this guide. We try to make our reviews as accurate, honest and reliable as possible so you can purchase with ease.

    Sly Profit LE Goggles


    • Weight (Pounds): 4.2
    • Lenses: Clear
    • Color Options: Multiple (Check Colors Here)
    • Bullet Point 2
    Sly Profit LE Goggles

    The Sly Profit LE Goggles are born as a result of research, testing, and evolution for almost two years. The design, performance, and comfort level in these articles are fairly solid even though this is on the cheaper end of our spectrum if you go with the base model.

    This face mask is fairly comfortable due to a velvet-lined interior. The design is appreciably trendy, with a reliable and durable lens that doesn’t offer as much anti fog as some of the other masks below but is pretty good for this price range.

    This goggle comes embedded with a double strap that will enable you to adjust it with ease. In terms of user reviews these goggles are fairly solidly reviewed as they are reliable and at a good price range. 

    Dye I4 40099 Thermal


    • Weight (Pounds): 1.3
    • Lenses: Trio Dial Thermal
    • Color Options: Multiple
    • Brand: Dye
    Dye I4 40099 Thermal

    The Precision I4 by Dye is a very attractive mask. The I4 will make you look really great on the field but at the same time it will also protect all the critical parts of your face. From our standards that makes it a great mask. This may seem like a mute point but to be honest, some of these high end masks are more flash than they are protection.

    A solid feature of this face mask is that it comes with a 100% UV lens that’s simple to pop in and out. You can grab a couple lenses that you can keep on you for a quick change during game play. I have had masks get dirty and smudged when battling and it is nice to have an option to get a fresh lens mid game.

    The I4 is pretty comfortable and breathable as well thanks to its vented bottom. It is also really light weight, which is great for long games where you may be out all day. In terms of price, it falls in the mid-to-expensive price range. We’d recommend the Dye Precision I4 for any serious player who are looking for an appropriate model for competition play.

    V-Force Grill Thermal Mask 


    • Weight (Pounds): 3
    • Lenses: Clear Thermal
    • Color Options: Multiple
    • Brand: VForce
    V-Force Grill Thermal Paintball Mask

    The highly durable V-Force Grill Thermal Mask is among our favorite options. With its top-grade plastic and rubber construction, it’s nearly impossible to acquire a better face mask for the money you spend.

    The Grill excels as it provides solid protection and will last the test of time. It is fairly durable and made from solid materials. At the same time, it is fairly light so your head and neck won’t get sore from wearing it all day.

    The Grill comes with a sturdy chin strap that will ensure it will stay in place while you’re running around on the field. It has an inbuilt forehead bounce panel which will help absorb any shock from a fast moving paintball. Its lenses come equipped with UV protection similar to the I4. It’d be a worthwhile option to all serious players, as well as those who’re new to the paintballing world as it is a high end mask that isn’t insanely expensive.

    VIO Extend Thermal Mask


    • Weight (Pounds): 1.8
    • Lenses: Thermal
    • Color Options: Multiple
    • Brand: Virtue Paintball
    Virtue VIO Extend Thermal Paintball Mask

    We’d consider the Virtue VIO Extend as a candidate for the title of the Cadillac of best paintball masks. It features large lenses that make spotting your opponents commendably straightforward. Virtue Paintball offers 12 different color options for this model so you can get the lens that works for you. Virtually every component of this face mask is replaceable.

    The goggles are dual-pane with an anti-fog coating. Thanks to the incorporated hinge lock, you can change the lens quickly and seamlessly. Since this mask’s bottom is well ventilated and breathable, you can easily talk through the goggles without producing any echo that may hurt your ears. This mask is also really light, not as light as the I4 but way lighter than the V-Force.

    It has adjustable knobs along the strap allowing you to tighten the face mask without taking it off in case you need a bit of extra tension in a tight situation. The included snaps will be useful to connect earpieces onto the mask, rather than using hardware or Velcro. It’s a bargain for the price, especially when we consider the extensive list of valuable features it offers.

    HK Army KLR Goggles Mask


    • Lenses: Dual-Pane Thermal
    • Color Options: White
    • Brand: Paintball
    HK Army Paintball KLR Mask

    Topping our list is the HK Army KLR. A paintball goggle that’s designed with the user’s comfort in mind. It’s made out of durable rubber and plastic, thus it is extremely flexible. Infinitely few models can offer such protection, comfort, and flexibility at the same time.

    This mask also boasts large lenses which will provide you with an outstanding field of view. In turn, that will grant you a considerable tactical advantage over your opponents.

    Worth mentioning is that this model offers quick change options that will enable you to pop the lens in and out when it’s time to clean the mask. If you’re seeking a mask that assures you a lifetime of service then you shouldn’t mind paying extra for the HK Army KLR.

    Wrapping It Up

    There is a myriad of paintball goggles to choose from, coming in a broad range of styles, lens options, fit, and protection levels. We hope that our guide above will help you make an informed decision on the most suitable mask for you.

    If you are serious about paintball and are confident it will eat up a lot of your spare time, then you will want to consider a high end mask. Comfort, reliability and durability are among the key reasons why a high end mask is worth while.

    The Best Tippmann Paintball Guns

    By paintballninja / July 8, 2016
    best tippmann paintball guns

    Selecting the best paintball gun is a very important task if you want to kick some serious ass on the field. There are many different types of paintball guns out there on the market today. It can prove quite confusing to choose one that’s right for you. It might be good to start off with a certain brand and learn about their guns first. This is why we compiled a list of the best Tippman Paintball Guns available.


    User Rating

    Price Point

    Experience Level

    98 Custom PS Paintball Gun



    Gryphon Paintball Marker



    US Army Alpha-Black Elite



    X7 Phenom Marker Gun



    A-5 Paintball Marker Gun



    Tippmann: From Firearms To Markers

    Originally, Tippmann was a manufacturer of firearms. The design of their paintball guns definitely reflects that influence. Tippmann is universally recognized as a leading brand in the world, especially for their extreme performance and high-quality paintball markers. They offer a broad range of paintball guns for any skill level. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced user, there’s the perfect Tippmann paintball gun out there for you.

    Best Tippmann Paintball Guns

    Below, we discuss the best Tippmann paintball markers present on the market today. We hope these reviews will be able to guide you to find the perfect Tippmann gun; whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced user. Our aim is to save you an enormous amount of time and money by ensuring that you get the best model you need at your level.

    98 Custom PS Paintball Gun


    • Weight: 10 Pounds
    • Action: Semi-Automatic
    • Caliber: .98
    • Loader: 140-Round
    • CO2 Tank: 20 Oz.
    • Gold Cup Oil: 1 Oz.

    This model is an update to the famous Model 98, but still retains true to the latter’s reliability and durability. It has many solid features but one that sticks out is that it requires very minimal maintenance, unlike most other models present on the market. An additional benefit is that the Tippmann 98 Custom PS can run on compressed air or CO2.

    It features a sturdy all-metal design which you can be sure will be durable even in the toughest conditions. Despite being dropped, left out in the rain, or slammed into trees, this sturdy design allows for continual use.

    The front fore-grip and rear pistol grip ensure a comfortable feel, even during extended use. You can quickly remove the hinged elbow to give you access to the chamber. In turn, that will enable you to clean out any jams you may experience from rapid fire.

    The 98 custom is insanely easy to upgrade and there are numerous available for this model. The available upgrades range from shrouds and custom stocks to electronic grips, improved barrels, cyclone feeders, and even response triggers.

    This basic model can shoot up to 8 shots per second. You’ll be amazed by its accuracy through continuous shots. It’s a great option for users who’re interested in customizing their paintball gun heavily. It’d also be worth considering if you’re seeking a suitable model which will last for years.

    Gryphon Paintball Marker


    • Action: Semi-Automatic
    • Color Options: Black, Silver, Skull, Carbon Fiber
    • Caliber: .68

    This model is an entry-level paintball gun that’s designed for beginners. However, that doesn’t imply that intermediate and advanced users can’t use it. It’s an inline blowback gun that’s based on the original Model 98 design. It differs from the latter in that it has a top cocking bolt. It features a composite metallic body and a two-finger blade trigger. You’ll love the comfortable fore-grip in front of the trigger frame.

    Although the Gryphon comes standard with a locking vertical feed where you can place your hopper, you’ll still need an Alan wrench to use it. This model was the first ever entry-level paintball gun to feature an internal gas line. The barrel is suitably designed to accept almost all paintball brands. This gun is extremely durable, thanks to its sturdy build. The Tippmann Gryphon is a decent, inexpensive paintball gun for the price, and every beginner should consider it.

    US Army Alpha-Black Elite Marker Gun


    • Weight: 10.9 Pounds
    • Action: Semi-Auto
    • Loader: 200-Round
    • CO2 Tank: 20 Oz.

    Easy maintenance, durable construction, and a low price are among the many aspects that make the US Army Alpha-Black Elite stand out from the crowd. Its heaviness would be its only downside.

    This blowback paintball gun can run on either compressed air or CO2. It’s designed to resemble a real M-16 with its 45-degree pistol grip, the top-mounted carry handle, and a magazine that holds a basic toolkit. It features an inline, blowback design reminiscent of the Tippmann 98.

    This gun comes included with a quick-release feed tube which allows for quick, easy cleaning of the chamber. The entire model is solidly built, but could prove heavier than most other paintball guns. It’s a reliable model that fires fast, boasting exceptional accuracy. While it doesn’t feature any anti-chop system, this gun does an excellent job at not breaking paint in the barrel or the chamber.

    The Alpha-Black is also upgradeable with tactical stocks, slings, shrouds, and even an electronic grip. The US Army Alpha-Black Elite is a durable, yet affordable paintball gun that’s ideally suited for beginners, intermediate, and advanced users. It’s the gun to seek if you prize simplicity and durability over speed and lightness.

    X7 Phenom Marker Gun


    • Action: Semi-Auto, Electrical
    • Color Options: Black
    • Loader: 200-Round

    The X7 Phenom is the newest version of the Tippmann X7. It’s among the highest quality markers made by Tippmann. This elite level paintball gun makes use of innovative Flex-Valve Technology to produce up to 300psi. It achieves that by utilizing a spool valve design and increasing air efficiency. In turn, that contributes significantly towards reducing blowback and decrease kick. This marker’s internals ensure for less wear, hence requiring little or no maintenance.

    The Flex-Valve will enable you to make use of the gun in the mechanical mode without having to carry any batteries. This paintball gun is fully customizable, having body attachments which make it look like a real AK-47 or M4A1. You can even extend the barrel to turn it into a full Sniper paintball gun. This model comes equipped with a single mechanical shot. You can still upgrade to the e-Grip which features full auto, three round burst, and single shot fire modes.

    It’s a favored model for its clamshell design and ability to add scopes, sights, and handles. This marker is highly recommended for serious and professional woodsball players. Despite having a significantly high price point than most other paintball guns, the X7 Phenom has earned the favor of many users.

    A-5 Paintball Marker Gun


    • Weight: 3.5 lbs.
    • Action: Semi-Automatic, Fully-Automatic
    • Color Options: Black, Silver, Camouflage
    • Types: with E-Grip, with Response, with Selector Switch
    • Caliber: 0.68

    The A-5 is among the most reliable and versatile paintball guns on the market today. It’s highly durable and will still work correctly after taking a serious beating. This model is among the most customizable paintball guns available today. The gun comes with a patented Cyclone Feed System. The body will fit remarkably well in your hands allowing for a solid, comfortable feel. It’s widely popular for its reliability through different weather conditions.

    Without requiring any batteries, its cyclone feed can deliver up to 17 balls per second. Additionally, it accepts both CO2 and compressed air. You can upgrade and personalize the A-5. You can add a flatline barrel system, an electronic trigger frame, as well as an after-market stock. With the many customized shrouds available, you can personalize your A-5 to look like any military rifle. As well, you can attach straps, sights, and scopes for added improvements.

    For a mechanical marker, this paintball gun is considerably accurate. Although it’s not as light as most expensive electro-pneumatic guns, its upgradeability, durability, dependability, and low price make it a favorite option among many paintball enthusiasts. It’ll remain a top pick among many users for multiple years to come.

    Choosing the Right Gun

    Your favorite kind of game and level of experience will vastly affect your buying decision when it comes down to Tippmann paintball markers. If you love field combats, scurrying around outdoors, you’re going to need a gun with a longer range, as well as a stock for added accuracy in long-range shootouts. A model like the US Army Alpha-Black would suit you well.

    Those who love playing indoors with structures and bunkers will want to lean towards something more compact, having a stock for enhanced stability when rounding tight corners. In such a case, the 98 Custom and the X7 Phenom are both great options, depending on your budget. Accuracy many not be a major issue for speedball. Some models like the Tippmann A-5 would serve as well-rounded markers for any situation.

    Wrapping It Up

    We wholeheartedly endorse the quality and performance bars set by Tippmann paintball guns. You can rely on the models that are featured above to work efficiently whenever you’re out on the field. You obviously wouldn’t want your awesome day cut short by faulty guns. That’s not fun at all! We wouldn’t also recommend wasting your money and time on incredibly cheap paintball guns.

    You want a marker that will enable you to dominate your opponents whenever you’re in the field. Consider the models featured above and determine how much you’d be willing to spend. Select a paintball gun that you can afford; one that guarantees you durability, top-notch performance, and reliability, all while giving you extreme fun!

    The Best Paintball Masks (2017 Top Choices)

    By paintballninja / July 5, 2016
    Best Paintball Masks

    Paintball is increasingly becoming a popular sport. There are a lot of people young and old finding this action packed sport as their go to activity. If you are serious about the sport, then you know how competitive it can get. However, if you are new to the sport, there is nothing to fear as it is a lot of fun!

    Paintball requires several accessories to be played effectively and safely. It could be argued that the most important accessory may be the paintball mask. If you want to get into paintball, then you will want to look for the best paintball mask that will suit the shape of your face and budget.
    In this article, we will delve into the world of paintball masks to show you the top options available in the market today and how to select them for your requirements.


    User Rating

    Price Point

    Experience Level

    Tippmann Valor FX



    Proto Switch EL Goggle



    Sly Profit LE Goggles



    JT Spectra



    Virtue VIO



    Dye Precision I4



    Why It's Important To Find The Best Paintball Mask

    It is highly recommended that all players wear a paintball mask or some type of cover at all times when they are involved in any battles. Well… unless you want to get pelted in the face and be in some severe pain.

    While a paintball won't bring about permanent damage to most parts of the body, the eyes, and to a lesser degree the ears, are helpless if hit by a paintball. This is why it is important to find paintball goggles that are particularly intended for the game. It will be important that the goggles are fit for enduring an immediate hit from a paintball as some travel more than 300 feet per second.

    The good thing is, wearing these protective masks won’t necessarily make you look stupid. In fact, the best thing about the paintball masks is that there are so many different types of them available and so many customization possibilities, that you can really create an impression to your adversaries and warn them about who they are dealing with.

    How To Choose The Perfect Mask

    Getting a mask which fits correctly on your face and is super protective may require some experience. Here are some tips which can help you shortlist the aforementioned masks and pick out the best one for yourself:

    Budget: It is no surprise that your budget will determine the kind of mask you can get and the options you would have to select from. Some masks can come for almost two hundred bucks while others can come for less than a quarter of that price.

     Style: Paintball masks come specialized for particular styles of paintball. If you are going for a battle which would last for many hours and take place on an open space, then you would probably require a mask with comfort, good ventilation and low weight. On the other hand, if you are going for a battle in an environment full of obstacles, you may use a low profile mask to keep out of your enemy’s touch.

     Fitting: The level of fitting of the mask is important, especially if you are involved in a battle for many hours. Do not select a paintball mask which is too tight or causes pressure on your face.

    While these are just the basic tips involved in selecting a paintball mask, in general, the more experience you have the more your proficiency will be in selecting the correct mask for your game.

    Top Paintball Masks of 2016

    Now let’s look at the best paintball masks available on the market. The following reviews have been based not only on the manufacturer-claimed features, but also on the performance and customer feedback.

    Tippmann Valor FX Paintball Goggle Mask


    • Its highlights include an adjustable visor with scratch proof and fog resistant polycarbonate lens.
    • The quick release system allows the lens to be detached or attached within seconds.
    • The interior has an efficient ventilation system to keep up the airflow and a padded body to support your face.
    • The padding and the exterior also covers the jaw, chin and ear, ensuring a solid protection, even while the visor is not on.
    • The mask comes in a variety of color schemes including plain black, army camouflage and Tippmann camouflage.

    The Valor FX is a new product, which comes with an integrated C-Max technology. This allows the mask to produce greater visual clarity, a wider visual scope and a better comfort. The mask looks like a good choice, considering its features and Tippmann’s opinion about it. However, it is still new in market and it remains to be seen how the quality and performance will pan out in the long run.

    Proto Switch EL Goggle


    • The mask comes in a single and a solid body design, with a pure focus on practicality.
    • The single pane lens comes with a Switch Triodial technology, allowing you to enjoy enhanced vertical and horizontal vision, while the face directed ventilation keeps the lens stay fog free.
    • The latter also helps to keep your head cool, especially during intense paint ball battles.
    • The lens is equipped with a patented release system, which makes the removal and attachment pretty quick.
    • The interior of the Proto Switch EL is laid with soft and durable material, which will provide you with added comfort, even when you are embroiled in long battles.
    • The sides feature multi-ported ear support systems, which let you hear everything around you, without damping the sounds.

    Overall, this is a good mask, especially for those battlers who are on a budget. It has enjoyed a favorable rapport among customers as well. Perhaps the only drawback to this mask is the fact that its one-piece body is made from hard plastic, which can crack upon being hit by a ball launched from a close range.

    Sly Profit LE Goggles


    • The lens provides outstanding vision, ranging from the head to the boot.
    • The dual-pane body and excellent ventilation makes sure that the lens remains free of fog, during your paintball fights.
    • The mask is particularly popular amongst paintballers due to comfort and the safety level it brings to the table
    • The interior of the mask is lined with plush material and makes it very cozy inside. As a matter of fact, several experienced ballers have reported the Profit LE to be the most comfortable mask they have ever used.
    • The soft inside absorbs any pressure from head shots and together with the dual goggle straps, it ensures that your head is safe, still and free from any shocks.
    • The mask can work with glasses on and will usually fit perfectly, irrespective of the glass frame size.

    Sly’s Profit LE is a result of years of research and testing, which have culminated to produce a modern and competitive paintball mask. All in all, this paintball mask is a premium product. Users have given it outstanding reviews over the years and still continue to talk positive about it. The mask only lets you down with its ability to protect your neck or forehead, due to a lack of worthy coverage.

    Empire Paintball Event Thermal Goggle


    • The Event Thermal is a durable mask and can take up quite a few hits, without showing any distress. This makes it ideal for budget ballers, who want to take out the most from their purchase’s life.
    • The lens comes with a dual pane system and thermal cure layer which enables it to cope with fog, even when you are in battle for a long time.
    • The lens has been integrated with an advanced and optically correct mechanism.
    • The lens comes with a quick release system, like most of the other lens mentioned above.
    • The interior has a comfortable design and layout. It is supported with a single silicon beaded strap. Both of these features combine to keep your head still, even if you are taking some heavy hits.
    • There are two silicone based ear protectors that come with the mask and dampen the sounds, preventing any damage you might get from loud shots and direct hits.
    • The mask comes with a low profile framework, which is one of its most appreciated features.
    • You can choose one from 5 different color schemes, including Black, White, Blue, Grey and Red.
    Empire Paintball Event Thermal

    You would usually associate Empire with high end paintball masks, however with its Event Thermal, the company has introduced a moderately priced product with the same quality and finishing the Event is popular for. As a whole, the Event Thermal is a great offering from a reliable brand. The only negative aspect reported by customers regarding the Thermal is that it is difficult to clean and maintain.

    Gen-X Global XVSN Paintball Mask


    • It is a light weight mask, which does not make your head and neck feel weary during long battles.
    • It has a solid plastic construction, with a compact design, making it enjoy an extended life
    • The lens is made from an anti scratch material and is supplemented with an anti fog mechanism, which allows you to have an uninterrupted full field of vision.
    • The lens is also equipped with a quick release system.
    • It comes with an included visor, which will help in improving vision and reducing any glare.

    The Gen X Global XVSN is a basic entry level mask and provides great value for the price tag it comes with. All in all, the Global XVSN is a bare bones product. It does not claim to be special, but it still satisfied its features justly. It is a great choice for teens and first-time venturers, in the field of paintball. You cannot ask for more considering the price tag that accompanies the product.

    Empire Paintball Helix Thermal Lens Goggle


    • The mask comes with a dual pane lens system, with a clear visual and a fog clearing mechanism installed.
    • The ample ventilation system accommodates the aforementioned fog clearing nature of the mask and also keeps your head cool, as you play intensely.
    • The lens is easy to change and does not require any prior knowledge.
    • The visor and brow shield have been integrated together.
    • The body of the mask is solid and very durable, especially when compared to other masks in the same price bracket.
    Empire Paintball Helix Thermal Lens Goggle

    As aforementioned, Empire is a trusted name in the world of paintball and hence, any products coming from this brand will usually be quality ones. The Helix Thermal is no different.

    This mask presents a great option for the ballers who are looking for something affordable. While not the greatest mask ever produced, the Empire Helix is certainly a top product in its price bracket.

    JT Spectra Flex 8


    • The mask comes with a full head protection and is very robust. Its life expectancy is expected to be long. This makes the Flex 8 a great choice, especially for woodsball players.
    • The visor offers a wide range of vision (260 degrees in fact), which is several levels above the typical rental standard. The visor is easy to remove and put back on because of the JT release system.
    • The lens has a thermal anti fog mechanism which will make sure that you are able to talk and eye a target simultaneously, without having to face any kind of usual nuisances afforded by other more basic alternatives.
    • The double layered ventilation system allows the temperature inside the mask to stay cool and comfortable which is a definite bonus in the hot months of the summer.
    • The mask comes with three color options: Camo, Thermal Black and Olive.

    The JT Spectra Flex 8 is a recommended mask for the experienced paint ballers who like to test their abilities week in week out. The JT Spectra Flex 8 is one of the best masks available in the market right now. It is truly for the ballers who take their paintball experiences very seriously. While there were a few drawbacks pointed out some users, the only observable drawback seems to be the difficult maintenance and cleaning of the lens. But if you take care of your gear, and enjoy maintaining it, then this is no issue for the benefits it provides.

    V-Force Grill Paintball Mask


    • It has a scary and an aggressive design, which is not found in other top paintball masks.
    • The mask comes with a low profile layout and a neat finish, which makes it very attractive. That, combined with the body’s light weight, means that the top players eye this mask for their use.
    • Instead of a single piece body, the mask features parts which can be individually replaced. This means that a breakage in any part will not render your mask useless, since you can repair / replace that part.
    • The visor can be replaced easily and comes with several colors. In fact, there are 49 colors to choose from in total!
    • The interior of the mask is very comfortable. It has been laid out with high quality foam and integrated with a ventilation system, which makes it possible to keep the mask on for long hours.
    • The lens are 3D shaped and offer greater peripheral vision, which is unmatched in other alternatives.
    • The thermal anti fog means that there is no blurring of vision.
    V-Force Grill Paintball Mask

    If you are looking to have some push back from the opposition without even touching the trigger, the V Force Grill Mask is the way to go. The V Force Grill is for professionals and comes with a price tag to match its features. Customers who have purchased this paintball mask truly enjoyed their experience utilizing it. While all is good with regards to performance and durability, there is little protection available for the back of the head and you may want to cover it with a bandanna.

    HK Army Paintball KLR Thermal Anti-Fog Mask


    • The KLR comes with a PVT lock, which allows you to change the lens without wasting more than a few seconds.
    • The interior has been laid out with special 3D memory foam, which generates unmatched comfort and absorbs any stress before it reaches your head.
    • The KLR has an inclusive ear protector, made from high quality EVA foam, which will dampen any sound which can hurt your hair.
    • The company offers microinjected TPR patches for users to customize their strap. With anti-slip silicone coated on the strap, it offers firm grip and support.
    • The mask comes with a high quality polycarbonate lens, which has an anti UV and anti IR coat to protect your eyes.
    • The 3M Foam Sealant ensures that there is cool air inside the mask and humidity is kept to minimum.
    • The mask comes in 31 different color schemes.

    The HK design team has a combined experience of over a century and it truly reflects it through the KLR mask, which, for many professional ballers is a no brainer pick for the best paintball mask out there.

    All in all, the HK KLR is a solid deal. Despite its relatively new manufacturing, the mask has earned respect amongst the ballers and despite the minor flaws which may accompany the product, the users are optimistic about the performance of the KLR in the long run.

    Virtue VIO Extend Thermal Paintball Mask


    • The mask comes with a mirrored lens, with an exceptionally large field of view (both horizontally and vertically). The pro ballers have really enjoyed and appreciated this feature.
    • The interior features a very high quality foam, laid out efficiently across the whole frame and offering unmatched comfort.
    • The body is very light weight yet super durable.
    • It is available in thirty four different colors! You can match it with the rest of your kit and look like a true champion.
    • The lens is anti scratch and anti fog. This is complemented with the air ventilation in front of the mouth. Moreover, it is quite convenient to change the lenses.
    • There is an expandable slot for visor and an option to install a built in fan.

    The VIO proved to be a game changer for Virtue and has found a place in the elite paintball masks segment right away. Overall, there are only a few other paintball masks which may leave you as breath taken as the VIO, both in its performance and endurance. Virtue has really produced a product with ingenuity and with the backing of ASTM & CE certification, there is little doubt in mind that this the product to have.

    Dye Precision I4 Thermal Paintball Goggle


    • On the face, the I4 may look like the aforementioned Empire Event.
    • However, it leaves any competition behind, due to its large visor and a subsequent super wide visual range.
    • The lens is easy to remove and swap. This is a great feature for the ballers who like to customize their kits and show off in the battle field.
    • The mask comes with a wide range of color and style options, with 26 original offerings to pick from.
    • The lens has been accommodated with thermal anti fog technology and dual pane system, which means that you will have no obstructions in your line of sight.
    • The Scream Ventilation system allows you to speak and give out instructions during the battle without blurring out your lens. It also ensures a cool interior environment and low humidity.
    • The interior has a comfortable foam layering, which gives support, absorbs sweat and takes in any sudden shocks.
    • The interior features a compact ear protection system which, despite being soft and lightweight, is extremely effective.
    Dye Precision I4 Thermal Paintball Goggle

    The Dye Precision I4 is a top quality mask, widely appreciated for its visual properties and ventilation. All in all, the I4 is a respected mask in the market. Its features, all, standout independently and make it a star, but one place in which there is a need for further improvement is the protection coverage. That said, the general outlook of the mask if fantastic.

    The Best Paintball Guns For Beginners (2017 Edition)

    By paintballninja / July 2, 2016
    Best Paintball Guns

    Paintball is a great activity to get out and spend some time being active, especially with friends or family. You can play paintball competitively or just for fun. It’s an activity which promotes healthy competition, exercise, and adventure, all while having endless fun. In this article we will take a look at the best paintball guns for beginners.

    As you may know, the sport can be played both indoors and outdoors. It requires passion, strategy, physical endurance, and emotional involvement. The thing is, it is like playing a real life game of call of duty. But one major difference: you don’t get the same quality experience sitting in front of a TV.


    User Rating

    Price Point

    Experience Level

    Tippmann US Army Alpha Black Elite



    Spyder MR100 Pro



    Tippmann 98



    Finding the Best Paintball Gun

    In paintball, it is possible to rent all the equipment you need from a course. But if you really want to excel on the field then you should think about buying markers, equipment, and various other accessories. If you are constantly renting you will not get used to a particular set up, which in my opinion is a huge disadvantage.

    As a beginner, you’d want a paintball gun that will last several years but fits your budget. Finding one that matches your budget, skill, and interest can be a challenging task to say the least.

    When it comes to buying a paintball gun, you must take into account several relevant factors, including the features of a particular paintball gun, as well as your abilities.

    Obviously, the purpose of your paintball gun will be to mark your opponent with paint that’s expelled at high speeds. Where things get interesting is the means of loading and firing of a particular gun. Different models have different features, feels and specs so it is important to really understand what you want.

    Purchasing Your First Paintball Gun

    If you are like me, you’re craving the smell of paint and pain on your opponents’ faces. However, before jumping into battle, you will want to arm yourself. To do that, you need a real paintball marker gun, and preferably one that out performs your competition.

    You’ll be shocked by how many guns there are on the market. When I first got into paintball I was really overwhelmed. Below we have put together the top 3 paintball guns for beginner players.

    Best Paintball Guns for Beginners: The Guns!

    We’ve spent ample time researching and scouring through different models to learn their specific features. We’ve also interviewed many actual players, learning about their experience with various paintball guns available.

    In addition to our experience and the experience of other players, we’ve spent days reading through various user reviews and cross matching them with each other. We’ve done all that just to present you with an ultimate guide to choosing the best beginner paintball gun. Our highlights point out the relevant specs that you’d need to know before purchasing any of the models as well as our opinion on the gun.

    Best Paintball Guns

    Tippmann US Army Alpha-Black Elite Marker Gun


    • Weight: 10.9 Pounds
    • Caliber: .68
    • Style: M-16
    • Loader: 200-Round Basic
    • CO2 Tank: 20 oz.
    • Brand: Tippmann
    Tippmann Elite Gun

    Most players tend to prioritize the look of their paintball gun. It's understandable since holding a realistic-looking gun just adds to the fun and thrill, not to mention blending in with the surroundings.

    The US Army Alpha-Black Elite is a complete package. Tippmann created this real-looking gun boasts an excellent firing rate. It’d be a great paintball gun if you’re seeking accuracy over anything else. It has received numerous positive reviews for its performance as well.

    Compared to many other paintball marker guns, the US Army Alpha-Black Elite provides a lot of considerable value for the money. It’s widely popular for its durability and reliability. Its all-aluminum construction makes it endure several beatings, and it’ll last many games even before showing any signs of wearing down.

    An M16 carrying handle will enable you to carry it around easily. This paintball gun is patterned after the M16 assault rifle. It features all characteristics and fixings of the real M16, including the front sights, removable magazine, and a barrel that’s distinguished by its lower rails. You can modify this model to suit your liking, as it’s very customizable with lots of upgrade options.

    With this gun, you can fire over a thousand shots using just the standard tank. Or, you can install a new feed system to improve its performance. The only downside with this paintball gun is that you’d probably need some additional accessories to maximize all of its features.

    If you’re seeking an affordable gun that will still provide everything you’d need: customizability, durability, and realistic looks, the Tippmann US-Army Alpha Elite would be a perfect option.

    Spyder MR100 Pro


    • Weight: 8 Pounds
    • Loader: 140-Round
    • Style: M-14
    • CO2 Tank: 20 Oz.
    • Brand: Spyder

    The Spyder MR100 Pro is a widely and highly recommended gun for beginners. It is featured in a package that you can buy off amazon as well. By purchasing this package you’ll get the Spyder MR100 gun itself, a visor with an anti-fog lens, a 1 Oz. Bottle of Gold-Cup oil, a CO2 tank that’s shipped empty, and a paintball harness. It is lightweight and made up of very durable materials. In turn, that makes its body sturdy enough to endure even high-impact while playing.

    This model comes with the innovative Eko-Valve technology, which will enable you to shoot up to 1,600 shots from a single 20 Oz. CO2 tank. You’ll be impressed by its top firing rate and accuracy. Even as the gun ages, you’ll still hit your targets accurately. Also, this gun is really lightweight for a beginner gun. This allows you to enjoy the game while actively running across fields and won’t break your back.

    The Spyder MR100 is undeniably a great starter gun that’s affordable and easy to use. Its lightweight nature and accuracy will be a big help to any beginner. We are confident it will live up to your expectations, thanks to its innovative build and quality features.

    Tippmann 98 Custom 3Skull Paintball Gun Marker Platinum Basic Series


    • Weight: 10 Pounds
    • Caliber: .98
    • Loader: 140-Round
    • CO2 Tank: 20 Oz.
    • Brand: A.C. Kerman- Paintball

    For a long time now, players have been looking for a paintball gun that’s easily customizable without any hassle. Thankfully, a new innovative model has come out on the market as an answer to that. The Tippmann 98 Custom Marker Gun has hooked many customers for its impressive customization features. Aside from that, players have loved how easy it is to reassemble and service. After a long game cleaning you gun is crucial, and this gun makes that an easy task.

    The gun also can come in a package packed with a 200-round hopper, a 20-ounce tank, protective harness, six tubes with 140 heavy-duty rounds and a 21-inch jerk squeegee. You can also buy the gun by itself, but for beginners, taking advantage of the package may be a good idea.

    If you’d ask any paintball enthusiast, they’d surely agree that the Tippmann 98 Custom Gun is among the best gun a beginner could use if you’re seeking something that’ll grant you easy access to inner components and quick installation of accessories like grip upgrades and other modifications. Despite being a customizable paintball gun, this efficient tool is perfect for those who’re just getting into paintball.

    Wrapping It Up: Excitement in Paintball For All Experience Levels

    Paintball is an exciting sport, it’s among the best ways to release any anger you’ve been holding onto. However, it is an activity that also comes with a fair amount of pain. As a beginner, you should determine whether or not you’re well equipped to handle the battlefield even before indulging in the actual game. This game is for those who’re strong enough to endure the little pain. Lots of people have been injured and hospitalized due to getting shot with paint balls. But at the end of the day, it is an awesome sport that I suggest anyone should try at least once. After you try it, if you like it, buy a gun and get in there!

    Paintball is a sport, so your skills will improve over time and through practice. You’re guaranteed of a good, enjoyable time by having the best paintball gun, and being with dependable friends. Paintball is an excellent physical activity that’s as rewarding as it is fun. It’s a perfect group activity.

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