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Best Empire Paintball Guns (Top 3 Review)

By paintballninja / September 15, 2016
Best Empire Paintball Guns

Thriving at the professional level in the paintball planet demands elite level accessories. Clinching the top heights in paintball will never come easy. You will need to be tactical, and this can happen a lot easier with a gun that is ready to rock. Empire is a company dedicated to providing you with professional level markers and we wanted to dive into some of their best guns.

With an Empire paintball gun, you are sure to love the feel of it. Their marker models target beginners, intermediates, and advanced level paintball players. Empire Paintball is the top brand in elite level paintball markers followed closely by Tippmann. Their guns come with the best build quality, accuracy, and reliability to suit extreme paintball matches. The confidence that comes from walking into the field with high-end gear will play a major role in your victory.

You will find a variety of Empire paintball markers with varying price tags. As a rule of thumb, usually the best paintball guns are a bit higher priced. If you are planning to get a top notch Empire gun, it is recommended to be fully committed to the game and plan to play for years to come.

Best Empire Paintball Guns

Empire BT-4


  • Modular Trigger Mechanism
  • Sturdy Bottom line-Stainless steel
  • Pro Level exterior speed adjuster
  • Detachable grip frame- easy and quick maintenance or upgrades
  • Functions with regular compressed air or CO2
  • Accommodates extension chambers—horizontal and vertical bottle adapters
Empire Paintball BT-4

If you are just getting started and are searching for an entry-level paintball gun, then the Empire BT-4 combat gun might be for you. It’s a compact and robust woodsball powerhouse with high end performance on the field at at a decent price. I would say it exceeds the expectations of gun at this price point. Its clamshell construction comes from durable aluminum, a material that plays a significant role in its excellent performance. Also, it features a convenient blowback system.

Maintaining the BT-4 Combat is as easy as ABC as it requires minimal cleaning and tuning of its components. Its smooth operation is among some factors that make it ideal for paintball newbies. Also, its feed neck system is worth the praise. It slides quickly and effortlessly to give you a chance to run a draw through the squeegee from the breech to rapidly clean chipped paint from its barrel. What is more interesting about the BT-4 combat gun is that its compatibility with a broad variety of performance and tactical upgrades, thus extremely customizable.

Empire Axe


  • Flip lever on/off regulator
  • Tool-free bolts detachment system
  • Extended grip frame + ergonomic front trigger grip
  • Lightweight barrel-Aluminum
  • Magnetic bearing trigger
  • Slipstream solenoid
Empire Paintball Axe

The Empire Axe is made to help you cut through the crowd at a professional level. You can feel confident bringing it into the field, it could be the first step to victory. It’s bigger and tougher than the Inver Mini, its immediate predecessor. Comparing the Invert Mini and the Empire Axe, you will notice significant upgrades. Among them is the introduction of an on/off regulator. Its absence in the Invert Mini is a big off-put. The Empire Axe now brings you an easy to operate flip-lever on/off regulator.

Also, the Empire Axe comes with a tool-free joint/bolt unlock system making it rank among the easiest guns to disassemble or assemble. Only a simple twist and draw is necessary to access the bolts for simple maintenance or upgrade.

The Empire Axe features an exclusive grip frame style that provides ample room for handling, thus will provide maximum comfort regardless of your hand size. You won’t experience the pain that comes with your fingers hitting the trigger guard as a result of small operating room as seen on other markers.

Taking a closer look at the trigger on this marker, you will notice its excellent design. It comes with a smooth, elegant bearing that provides an easy and exciting trigger pull.

The Empire BT TM-15


  • Ultra strong but lightweight, high-performance Magnesium body
  • Bolt eject Back design for effortless maintenance and cleaning
  • 4-position firing modes-Shift-on-the-fly
  • Multi-firing modes-PSP, SEMI, MILLENNIUM, NXL
  • Insignificant sound signature
  • Flip-up rear and front sights
Empire Paintball BT TM-15LE

The Empire BT TM-15 is among the coolest paintball markers on the market. It’s a paintball gun that means nothing but business. It’s the best choice for the mil-sim or woodsball paintball enthusiasts. It comes with a sturdy but lightweight body suited for all-day action. It features an excellently developed electro-pneumatic operational mechanism and a quiet shooting signature for comfortable, accurate and stealth firing. You are also spoiled for choice regarding the rattling modes.

The Empire BT TM-15 comes with a multi Picatinny rails to provide you with endless accessory options. Its internal airline system is there to eliminate external hoses. Shots with this gun are always on point thanks to its rear and front sights.

To Wrap-Up

From the reviewed paintball markers, it’s clear that the Empire brand is a brand built to last. The quality of their guns speaks volumes about their highest priority: customer satisfaction. With an Empire paintball gun, your excellence on the field is guaranteed. Plan your budget and get one gun from the top three best Empire paintball guns depending on your level of expertise. Begin to crush your opponents with confidence and pave your way to greatness in the paintball arena.

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