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The Best High End Paintball Masks | Honest Review

By paintballninja / July 12, 2016
The Best High End Paintball Masks

When it comes to paintball masks there are a ton of options out there. They range from dirt cheap masks with terrible build characteristics to fairly expensive masks that are full of features. It is important to pick a mask that fits your face, and your budget. However, for the purpose of this article we will only be looking at the best high end masks available.

These masks are top notch and also pretty expensive. If you are looking for cheap rental stuff or Walmart masks, be warned, these masks probably aren’t for you! However, if you have a decent budget and are serious about paintball, then keep reading as we hope to provide you with some info that will help you out on your gear conquest.

High-End Paintball Masks

What does a high-end mask offer that a cheaper model doesn’t? Well, there are a few features that definitely stand out. First, there is the comfort factor. With an expensive mask you get a face mask that will most likely be made out of comfortable materials. Thus providing a solid fit and ability to wear it all day.

Paintball goggles that don’t fit well are not only a nuisance but can also be dangerous as you may be forced to make adjustments at inopportune times. Another situation that I have had happen with cheap rental masks is that they can fly off if you are aggressive in your game and are running around.

A second factor is that high-end masks will usually come with is an anti-fog thermal lens. Your facemask can steam up pretty easily leaving you unable to view your target and the terrain. With cheap masks you will be fairly vulnerable to enemy fire.

Third, a decent face mask will grant you a relatively wide field of vision. Most cheap masks offer narrow fields of view, and you’d barely see stuff on your periphery. Obviously, that would be a disadvantage as your enemy can sneak up on you.

The Best High End Paintball Masks

It’d be wise to spend some money on something that offers extreme reliability, exceptional performance, and enhanced durability. To facilitate this you need a high-end face mask.

Below, we review the best high-end paintball masks. We’ve dug through many different models available, assessing and testing the value they’re offering in order to come up with this guide. We try to make our reviews as accurate, honest and reliable as possible so you can purchase with ease.

Sly Profit LE Goggles


  • Weight (Pounds): 4.2
  • Lenses: Clear
  • Color Options: Multiple (Check Colors Here)
  • Bullet Point 2
Sly Profit LE Goggles

The Sly Profit LE Goggles are born as a result of research, testing, and evolution for almost two years. The design, performance, and comfort level in these articles are fairly solid even though this is on the cheaper end of our spectrum if you go with the base model.

This face mask is fairly comfortable due to a velvet-lined interior. The design is appreciably trendy, with a reliable and durable lens that doesn’t offer as much anti fog as some of the other masks below but is pretty good for this price range.

This goggle comes embedded with a double strap that will enable you to adjust it with ease. In terms of user reviews these goggles are fairly solidly reviewed as they are reliable and at a good price range. 

Dye I4 40099 Thermal


  • Weight (Pounds): 1.3
  • Lenses: Trio Dial Thermal
  • Color Options: Multiple
  • Brand: Dye
Dye I4 40099 Thermal

The Precision I4 by Dye is a very attractive mask. The I4 will make you look really great on the field but at the same time it will also protect all the critical parts of your face. From our standards that makes it a great mask. This may seem like a mute point but to be honest, some of these high end masks are more flash than they are protection.

A solid feature of this face mask is that it comes with a 100% UV lens that’s simple to pop in and out. You can grab a couple lenses that you can keep on you for a quick change during game play. I have had masks get dirty and smudged when battling and it is nice to have an option to get a fresh lens mid game.

The I4 is pretty comfortable and breathable as well thanks to its vented bottom. It is also really light weight, which is great for long games where you may be out all day. In terms of price, it falls in the mid-to-expensive price range. We’d recommend the Dye Precision I4 for any serious player who are looking for an appropriate model for competition play.

V-Force Grill Thermal Mask 


  • Weight (Pounds): 3
  • Lenses: Clear Thermal
  • Color Options: Multiple
  • Brand: VForce
V-Force Grill Thermal Paintball Mask

The highly durable V-Force Grill Thermal Mask is among our favorite options. With its top-grade plastic and rubber construction, it’s nearly impossible to acquire a better face mask for the money you spend.

The Grill excels as it provides solid protection and will last the test of time. It is fairly durable and made from solid materials. At the same time, it is fairly light so your head and neck won’t get sore from wearing it all day.

The Grill comes with a sturdy chin strap that will ensure it will stay in place while you’re running around on the field. It has an inbuilt forehead bounce panel which will help absorb any shock from a fast moving paintball. Its lenses come equipped with UV protection similar to the I4. It’d be a worthwhile option to all serious players, as well as those who’re new to the paintballing world as it is a high end mask that isn’t insanely expensive.

VIO Extend Thermal Mask


  • Weight (Pounds): 1.8
  • Lenses: Thermal
  • Color Options: Multiple
  • Brand: Virtue Paintball
Virtue VIO Extend Thermal Paintball Mask

We’d consider the Virtue VIO Extend as a candidate for the title of the Cadillac of best paintball masks. It features large lenses that make spotting your opponents commendably straightforward. Virtue Paintball offers 12 different color options for this model so you can get the lens that works for you. Virtually every component of this face mask is replaceable.

The goggles are dual-pane with an anti-fog coating. Thanks to the incorporated hinge lock, you can change the lens quickly and seamlessly. Since this mask’s bottom is well ventilated and breathable, you can easily talk through the goggles without producing any echo that may hurt your ears. This mask is also really light, not as light as the I4 but way lighter than the V-Force.

It has adjustable knobs along the strap allowing you to tighten the face mask without taking it off in case you need a bit of extra tension in a tight situation. The included snaps will be useful to connect earpieces onto the mask, rather than using hardware or Velcro. It’s a bargain for the price, especially when we consider the extensive list of valuable features it offers.

HK Army KLR Goggles Mask


  • Lenses: Dual-Pane Thermal
  • Color Options: White
  • Brand: Paintball
HK Army Paintball KLR Mask

Topping our list is the HK Army KLR. A paintball goggle that’s designed with the user’s comfort in mind. It’s made out of durable rubber and plastic, thus it is extremely flexible. Infinitely few models can offer such protection, comfort, and flexibility at the same time.

This mask also boasts large lenses which will provide you with an outstanding field of view. In turn, that will grant you a considerable tactical advantage over your opponents.

Worth mentioning is that this model offers quick change options that will enable you to pop the lens in and out when it’s time to clean the mask. If you’re seeking a mask that assures you a lifetime of service then you shouldn’t mind paying extra for the HK Army KLR.

Wrapping It Up

There is a myriad of paintball goggles to choose from, coming in a broad range of styles, lens options, fit, and protection levels. We hope that our guide above will help you make an informed decision on the most suitable mask for you.

If you are serious about paintball and are confident it will eat up a lot of your spare time, then you will want to consider a high end mask. Comfort, reliability and durability are among the key reasons why a high end mask is worth while.

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